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Rococo Consultant ranks among the leading Angular development companies in India, USA, UAE & Singapore. We have delivered many top quality Angular development projects for our client. Our years of expertise help startup SME’s to achieve proven success. Rococo Consultant has always been at the helm of next generation technology innovation, assuring our Client of high quality solutions. Our in-house team comprises of highly skilled and tech savvy Angular developers and industry veterans, who responsible to create best-in-class Angular apps and solutions.
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Why Angular

Why Angular ?

Angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem and one of the most popular software development instruments today. It was introduced by Google in 2009 and received warm commendation from the development community. According to the 2019 StackOverflow survey, 30.7 percent of software engineers now apply AngularJS and the new version Angular 2+ to create user interfaces. Since the beginning of 2019, the Angular developer community has grown 50 percent compared to 2018, as stated in NG-Conf 2019.

  • Detailed documentation.
  • Support by Google.
  • Great ecosystem of third-party components.
  • Component-based architecture.
  • Ahead-of-time compiler.
Rococo Consultant REACTJS Expertise

Our Offerings

AngularJS Custom Development

Our expert angular team are responsible to delivery you secure , reliable and scalable custom angularJS solution.

AngularJS e-commerce Development

Our AngularJs developers and experience robust, flexible, convenient, and user-friendly e-commerce development services. Our development team has done exemplary works on this front

AngularJS Web Development

Our Years of domain expertise help you to build modern UI/UX for angular based secure website and help you to improve your productivity.

Maintenance & Support

In addition to the angularJS app development services, our angular development company in India is also proficient in providing round the clock angularJS support & maintenance.

AngularJS Consulting

If you want to know anything about angular JS technology and how you can make your web app unique, feel free to contact us & our experts are ready to help you.

AngularJS Plugin Development

If you want to know anything about reactJS technology and how you can make your web app unique, feel free to contact us & our experts are ready to help you.

Reason Why Work With US

How We Work

Post Your Requirement
You just need to share your complete scope of work with us according to that will start planning and create the prototype for your approval.
Project Feasibility
Once's we receive the scope of work our expert tech consultant are ready to discuss the project feasibility & make the implementation plan.
Choose Engagement Model
Rococo Consultant make it simple for you we always work as per client, Generally we are work on hourly for fixed cost.
Deploy Team
Once's the scope and implementation planning is done will immediately deploy a team and dedicated project manager to complete your project within time line.
Sign-Off and Start
Once's Team is assign as per your requirement, Rococo consultant management team create a legal digital contract and we all set for your project .
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Vertical of AngularJS Development

Retail & eCommerce
Retail & eCommerce

Rococo Consultant team is expert in Retail & E commerce solution including e - carts , supermarket , fashion accessories & social commerce solution etc.

Social Networks Solutions
Social Networks Solutions

Rococo Consultant provide online promotion solutions, networking tools, media content distribution channels with the use of the latest trends.

Healthcare App Solutions
Healthcare App Solutions

Our angular development team specialized in developing advanced e-healthcare solutions with end-to-end web & mobile healthcare application development services.

E-Learning Solutions
E-Learning Solutions

Our Complete e- learning solution including e - learning , live video lecture , learning management, online exam & result etc.

Travel & Tourism Solutions
Travel & Tourism Solutions

Our AngularJS based Next generation software for Tour & Travel Industry is help Organization to improve the productivity & minimize the operation cost.

Banking & Finance Solutions
Banking & Finance Solutions

Rococo Consultant angular team provides custom banking & financial software development services for constant cost leadership, increased operational efficiency and agility.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

Rococo Consultant angular development team provide innovative solution for media and entertainment industry for smooth and efficient operation.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Rococo Consultant angular team have years of experience in enterprise grade solution our technical expert build the great solution for supply chain management.

Automotive Solutions
Automotive Solutions

We have created hundreds angular based web apps for this industry. Our innovative web and mobile applications help the automotive sector to be more cost efficient & sustainable.

Get the Dedicated AngularJS Developers

Hire expert AngularJS  developers who have specialization in developing custom product development for startups and large enterprises. We are among top AngularJS development companies in India, USA, UK, UAE & Singapore that offer expertise in working with the latest development frameworks and technologies.

Things You Should Consider When Finalizing Your Tech Stack

When it is comes to any digital Product, The Selection of Right Developer or Development team is more important Because the technology Stack or Development is directly influences the Perforation of your product and Business also.

We at Rococo Consultant Always give right advice to our customer and Provide best Technology Consultancy and Consultant for your Product & Business Growth.

  • Stage of your business

Your technology stack plays an important role at every stage of your business. If you’re just starting out, your primary goal must be launch the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as quickly as possible. Any language/framework/CMS tool that lets you put together a working prototype in the shortest possible time should be a good fit. We at Rococo Consultant and Team are Expert in MVP Rollout With in cost and time line.

  • Project requirement

Before Selecting the tech Stack you must very clear about your project scope, Consider if your project is Real time functionality like chat bot, Live Video Streaming, Video Chat ? In Such Cases Much go with  tech stack that is good at concurrency, such as Node.  

If you’re a blogger/Independent Consultant or looking for business informatice websites requires a functional website to increase conversions, WordPress or PHP will work best. Is your frontend UI full of complex interactions? Then React or Angular may be good front-end tech stacks. Complete understanding of the project goals and business objectives along with the right selection of tech stack plays an important role in long-term success. Wrong selection may lead to financial loss.

  • Availability of resources

The availability of developers who will create your product is one of the most influential factors defining your Product technology stack. Look whether your developers are willing and able to work within your chosen tech stack. Suppose you select a programming language not in common use such as Lisp, you will be hard-pressed to find programmers who know how to use it. If they do, they’ll charge a much more. Pick a tech stack that has a dynamic developer community or easily available. Commonly used programming languages will thrive in the near future and as a business owner it is easy for you to add new developers to the team.

  • Development And Maintenance Cost 

The Technology Stack direct influences your Development Cost. There is Couple of factor before you select the correct technology stack. 

  1. The Cost for hiring a Developer – Developer cost is depend on the scope of work and Experience cost may be varies based on technology they work.
  2. Maintenance & Upgrade – Your Aim is not achieve yet with the development of MVP. You have to upgrade your product and be competent on market. Consider the open source platform they are cheap, upgrade and change without any restriction and heavy cost.    
  • Development Time

The Development time is directly Influence the launching of your product, Faster you launch the product the more exposure you get and have time to improve your product, The less time you spend on development more time you get to learn the feedback from your customer. 

Here is a list of the common issues you must consider while choosing a suitable tech stack : 

  1. Clear Scope of Work –  With the clear  scope of work development team can easily understand and develop the product with in time line.  
  2. Third Party Integration – Make sure the technology stack you use for developing your product is allow you to integrate with third party with reinventing the wheel.
  3. Developer Availability –  Make sure you selected technology stack developer are easily available and able to develop the product time line & cost , Ask them to after development support .
  4. Testing – No Software product is developed perfectly in very first time. The chosen technology stack allow you to fix the bugs tweak the features easily. 


No software product is developed perfectly in very first time. Always select the technology stack which is allow you to scale your project as per your user feedback.

Software product required a wall define scalability matrix that work on both scenario vertically and horizontally.   

  1. Vertical Scalability – Lets consider you want to upgrade your product features and be on top of the market than your chosen technology stack must be allow you to upgrade it.
  2. Horizontal Scalability –  Let you handle the traffic on your web,app or any software product than your product run on good quality server infra and your technology stack much suitable to run on it.
  • Security

Always make sure the application is developed keeping the best practices of security and threat mitigation in mind. Run security tests both on client and server side to eliminate the common security threats. The more robust your product is, the easier it becomes to sell in the market.

At the end, make a choice that works best for your business. You can choose the technology to go with, based on your business goals, requirements and the resources you can afford.
Rococo Consultant is always consider this point before we start development for your future product, Because we know the importance of your product, time & Money.  

Lets Create Something
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Rococo Consultant : The Right Choice for Angular JS Website & Solution Development.

  • Affordable Price
  • On Time Delivery
  • +8 Years Experience 
  • 98% Project Compilation Rate on Freelancer.com

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    AngularJS Development Case Studies

    All our AngularJS development projects are covered under Non Disclosure Agreement; however, we have taken permission from some of our clients to showcase their AngularJS development projects so that you can get a better understanding of our AngularJS development work. Have a look at some AngularJS development case studies:


    My Interior mart is classified web portal for real estate construction materials developed by Rococo Consultant Laravel team.


    My Interior Mart

    My Interior Mart

    Mumbai based Flat, home , and commercial property listing web portal developed by Rococo Consultant Laravel team.




    Kamaai is Maharashtra government learning Job provider web portal maintain & Develop by Rococo Consultant Laravel Team.



    Why Choose Us.

    Here is why Rococo Consultant For Angular Web and Mobile Application Development

    AngularJS is now maintained by Google. It happens to be among the most secure AngularJS frameworks used by developers. Many of them prefer to use Angular.js For Web Development projects. Google had created an exhaustive Web Toolkit earlier. Eventually, Google developed AngularJS when the majority of the developers started using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as a front-end and back-end language. It offers many frameworks and plugins for both developers and designers.

    Saving time and efforts of developers, AngularJS with its many attributes helps them with their project while writing less code. This allows them more time to utilise in implementing applications. It supports MVC architecture. Developers do not have to work on getter and setter functions to apply data models. Other teams can work on directives as they are not included in the app code.

    AngularJS supports MVC architecture. For developers, this becomes a Major Benefit Of AngularJS Framework as creating web applications becomes easier and quicker for them.

    Developers become more capable of creating interactive and robust web applications. AngularJS For Web Development makes data synchronization automatic and hence requires fewer efforts.

    To implement MVC architecture, developers need to add the app into components. AngularJS will carry out the remaining process. MVC stands for Model View Controller, meaning:

    • The model supports the data
    • The view handles the data display
    • The controller acts as a bridge to maintain a connection between view and model

    As AngularJS is created by Google, it provides excellent community support to the developers. This community is full of developers who are capable of solving front-end development-related problems. It helps developers in finding answers and solutions to their issue which they face in their development process. This community also organises conferences and hackathons. Many IT organisations are invited to these conferences where they present new developments in the industry.

    To create commonly accessible patterns, the declarative coding paradigm is used. This makes the code simpler to read and support and also lightweight. The code only includes those steps which are essential in producing the desired outcome.

    Among the most exciting features of AngularJS, is its two-way data binding potential. It means any changes made in the user interface immediately reflects in the app interface also. There are many AngularJS Development Tool available as well. This feature helps the developers save a lot of development time and simplifies for them the process of making changes to the app. When there are browser events, user actions, and module changes in the framework, the necessary patterns get effectively updated. Developers are not required to save links to DOM elements and right away use them. It does not require the usage of low-level constructions, and the results are narrated with model state terms. That’s why Angular.js For Web Development is a good option.

    HTML is used by AngularJS as its pattern language. It is amplified with directives. These directives infuse the code information about the necessary behaviour.

    Developers can work on custom HTML directives when the inbuilt directives happen to be difficult and not useful to them.

    Directives have the capability of making developers concentrate on developing logic which helps them to be more efficient. They can also be reused to make the code’s readability better.

    AngularJS uses all objects that are POJO. It stands for Plain Old JavaSCript Object. With this, developers do not need additional getter and setter functions. POJO offers all the necessary JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation.

    AngularJS is known to support many SPA features. Leading to productive outcomes, it makes the process of developing and managing online forms simpler for developers. When a developer uses AngularJS in a single-page application, they have more authority than validation abilities. In a scenario, when a page uses forms, the FormController is responsible for writing down their states. With access to this data, developers become capable of changing the behaviour of the HTML elements in the user interface. Developers can comfortably finish the entire process when they get this facility.

    Rococo Consultant helped multiple startups, digital agencies, Small & Big Enterprise and software product development companies to streamline their outsourcing experience without any hassle.


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